Frequently Asked Questions for the Summer Program

Is assessment required before enrollment?

Yes, all students are to be assessed to determine their current level of development. The results will guide the school in terms of evaluating what is the best program for your child. 
Assessments are to be scheduled with our branch head teacher. The fee for assessment is P200.00

Is my child required to join the summer class before enrolling for the school year?

We highly recommend to joining the summer class to check if your child is ready for the school year program. It would be best for adjustment to happen during the summer program so that when the school year begins, the child will have a smoother transition and will be truly ready for school. 

Can I join both Summer Camp batches?

Yes, you may join both batches of summer classes as the activities are different for the next batch. 
You may also opt  to join a different program to fully harness the skills of your child. 

Is wearing school uniform required for summer?

No, it is not. But you may purchase our PE shirt so that your child can truly feel that he/she belongs to the Bright Kid community.

How will I know if my child is ready for the school year?

At the end of the summer class, you will get a comprehensive report on how your child is developing according to the different learning domains. This will guide us in terms of determining preschool readiness. 

Do you accept children with special needs?

The school does not have a full SPED program. We usually require a diagnosis from a specialist. We then assess the child first to see which program is best for them- Bright Kids, Galileo or Brainft. 

Frequently Asked Questions for the School Year

How do I know which level my child will belong to?

The age of acceptance is based on August 31 cut-off. We give special consideration until September 30 for  kids will advanced skills. 
Babies - 1 year old
Rugrats - 2 years old
Tots - 3 years old
Tykes - 4 years old
Kinder - 5 years old
Grade 1 - 6 years old

What are the requirements for enrollment?

1. Duly accomplished Student Information Sheet
2. Duly accomplished health record
3. Photocopy of birth certificate
4.  Photocopy of Report card if with previous schooling. 
5. 2 pcs 2x 2 photo of the child and fetcher
6. Updated immunizations 
7. Eye and ear check up before the start of school

Is uniform required when attending school? 

Yes, it is. We follow this schedule to save you buying many sets of uniform.
Monday - school uniform
Tuesday- PE uniform
Wednesday- civilian clothes
Thursday - school uniform
Friday - PE uniform

Do you accept children from outside Bacolod? What learning modalities do you offer?

Yes, we do. We even accept students residing outside the Philippines. We offer the following:
1. Onsite - full face-to face classes
2. Online - classes via zoom
3. Homeschool - parent teaches the child and the school monitors learning progress

What are your program offerings?

Bright Kids offers the following:
1. Playgroup Program
- Babies Class - 2x a week
- Toddlers Class - 3x a week
2. Preschool Program
- Nursery - 3 years old
- Pre-Kinder - 4 years old
- Kinder - 5 years old
3. Elementary Program
- Grades 1 to 3  

Do you offer Chinese classes?
Other enrichment programs?

Our Chinese classes are offered starting at the Nursery level. The curriculum prepares the child when they go to the Chinese big schools. 

Our Galileo and Brainfit programs assist the children with their cognitive and academic skills.   We also have an after-school tutorial program.