15 Years of Bright Kids

"Bright Kids for a Brighter Future!" - Our mission is to bring the value of a bright kid into every home.  At the heart of our vision is the belief that every child has unique gifts and talents waiting to be unlocked. 
Our team of passionate educators are committed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where bright kids can thrive.
We believe in fostering positive relationships, building character, and teaching valuable life lessons to create well-rounded individuals who are not only academically successful but are also kind, compassionate, and well-mannered.

We understand the deep value that bright kids bring to both children and parents. For children, being a bright kid means experiencing the joy of learning, of discovering their talents and capabilities, of building self-confidence, and gaining essential skills for success. 

For parents, having a Bright Kid means peace of mind,
knowing that your child is receiving the best education and guidance. We strive to create a strong partnership with families,
offering regular communication, progress updates, and valuable resources and activities to support your child's growth and development.

Through our comprehensive range of programs, such as preschool, primary or grades 1 to 3, online classes and homeschooling, we are able reach more families outside Bacolod City. 

Our  enrichment programs like Galileo English and Math, BrainFit Brain Training, Little Mandarins Chinese program gives our students a headstart and advantage as they go to the big schools. 

At Bright Kids, we ensure that children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

So Join us on this empowering journey, and together we will shape the BRIGHT KIDS OF TOMORROW. 


Multiple Locations

Our different branches cater to North, Central & Southern parts of Bacolod offering preschool, elementary, homeschool, enrichment & tutorial services. 

Multiple Locations

Holistic Curriculum

Our curriculum targets the different areas of development. It also includes exposure to Filipino &  Chinese language, as well as, arts and sports. 

Holistic Curriculum

Safe, clean and great facilities

The classrooms are child-friendly, airconditioned, equipped with CCTV's and air purifiers to ensure your child's safety and well-being. 

Safe, clean and great facilities
Dep-Ed Accredited

Dep-Ed Accredited

We are recognized  by Dep-Ed, which means all of your child's documents and report cards are legal and valid. 

Bright Kids community

BK community

When you enroll at Bright Kids, both you and your child will gain life-long friends.

Responsive Staff

Responsive Staff

Our teachers and staff are caring, compassionate and competent to take care of your child's needs. 



This SY 2024-2025, Bright Kids will be celebrating 15 years of nurturing happy, well-rounded achievers.  Looking back at year The The name “Billie” means “determined protector.” He is a brave boy who has a zest for life and adventure. He loves to explore and discover things. He is an active child who loves to question things around him. You would often see him outdoors or exploring nature. He is street-smart, too! Billie works with efficiency and determination. He values the truth, is loyal and loves to be of service to others.

The name “Katie” means “pure.” Beautiful inside and out, she is a leader who is creative and has a kind heart for others. Katie loves to engage in artistic endeavors and is always planning and creating new things. She has a soft spot for animals and the needy. Always ready to lend a helping hand, she extends her hand of friendship to all. 




Dep-ED Recognized School

School ID Main Branch - School ID: 441110
School ID Lucasan Branch - School ID: 408494
Lacson Branch Government Recognition No. KR-017, S 2022

Lucasan Branch Government Recognition No. KR - 018, S 2022
Elementary Permit: E-333, S 2022
Homeschool Permit: SP-002, S 2023

2017 Gobal Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence

"Best Childhood Education Provider"

2017 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence

"Best Learning School"

Elite Business Excellence Award

"Premier Learning School"

2017-2018 National Customers' Choice Annual Awards 

"Most Outstanding Childhood Education Provider" 

2019 National Customers' Choice Annual Awards

"Most Outstanding and Innovative Childhood Education Provider"